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Surviving Gluten Free in Tokyo

Eating gluten free in Japan is immensely difficult, as I wrote about at length. It’s my hope that the following lists will help other people with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance to navigate Japan’s difficult culinary landscape. Please note that … Continue reading

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お茶ノ水 休み Ochanomizu Holiday

今日は、友だちと お茶ノ水で 合った。CLC Booksに 行った、そして 日本語と 英語で バイブルを 買った。また、「Tokyo Holy Resurrection Cathederal」で「The Orthodox Church of Japan」で ロシア正教会(せいきょうかい)を 見た。きれい あった。三百円 費用(ひよう) あった、でも 安かった。また、一緒に パン屋で おいしい菓子(かし)を 食べた。クリスチャンの 友だちで 過ごす よかった。今日は 素晴(すば)らしい! Today, I met my friends in Ochanomizu. We went to CLC … Continue reading

Meijii Torii
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Japan Adventures… in Japanese! First Entry: Meiji Jingu

I’ve decided that a good way to practice my Japanese language skills is to practice writing short blog posts. They will be simplistic, probably have terrible grammar, and take me forever to write, but I learned most of my English … Continue reading

Kids' Paintings of the Korean War
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Korea Trip 2012 — Part 9: Field Trip!

Today, we were to meet a group of schoolchildren Jesse and a few others from his unit have been volunteering with, helping them practice their English. However, today was field trip day, and we were apparently too far behind to … Continue reading