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Activism Potluck

Welcome to my Activism Potluck!

We're facing a number of challenges in the US, but there are lots of organizations dedicated to overcoming them. Probably none of us can afford to support all of them by ourselves, but together we can make a difference!

That's why I've made this "potluck" style sign-up. Each of the organizations below works actively to protect, support, and improve areas of our society that face a growing threat under the incoming administration. If we pool our resources, we can make sure all these organizations have one more supporter this year than they had before.

How it works:

  1. Look over the list below. You can skim the headers for a cause you like or read the whole thing; whatever appeals to you.
  2. Pick an organization you'll commit to support with a monthly donation of $5-$25 throughout 2017.
  3. Click "Sign up >>" next to your chosen organization. The idea behind this potluck is to have one person in every slot! (If there's no sign up option, someone has already grabbed it! Feel free to donate to that organization on your own, but to participate in this potluck, you'll have to pick another.) This page will reload with the sign-up sheet below this introduction.
  4. Fill out the form to lock in your commitment, choosing how much you agree to donate per month. Your information will stay private. (The sign-up sheet will simply say "filled" under the "Name" heading.)
  5. Visit your chosen organization's website by clicking the associated "Donate Here" link on this page and set up a recurring monthly donation.


  • I've done my best to vet each of the following organizations using sites like CharityWatchrecommendations from the more informed, and basic Google checks for scandal; but I'm no lawyer! Please give responsibly and keep an eye on your adopted organization throughout the year.
  • When you donate, the organization will add you to its email list. It's probably a good thing, so you can keep informed as to what they're up to, but it can get annoying if you already have too many emails coming in. Sometimes their emails can be downright alarmist in their attempts to encourage people to take action. To deal with this, you can sort them all automatically into a separate folder, or opt-out altogether from the bottom of the email.

Something else to note: Most of these organizations occasionally take a stance that I disagree with on one thing or another. That's the nature of highly activated policy groups. As such, I look at them on balance; if the overall thrust of their work is in the direction I want the country to go, I support them with a clear conscience. In general, pushback from "the other side" keeps more outrageous actions in check; the result is often a balanced result that's better than either would have achieved on its own.


Advancement & Protection of Civil Rights

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You are signing up for... Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Protecting the Environment

Assistance for Refugees & Immigrants

Advancement & Protection of Civil Rights

Suicide Prevention

Protection of Internet Freedoms

Women’s Reproductive Health


The featured header image is from Bartholomeus van der Helst, "Banquet of the Amsterdam Civic Guard in Celebration of the Peace of Münster", 1648; it is public domain, downloaded from Wikimedia.