My Final Word on Trump: Part 1: Sexism

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“To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” ― Theodore Roosevelt, … Continue reading

The Christian Liberal

Introduction: Wherein I introduce the basic philosophy behind my Christian beliefs and a broad overview as to why I believe liberal ideals best support them. On the Issues: Wherein I break down some common points of contention between the Religious … Continue reading

Surviving Gluten Free in Tokyo

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Eating gluten free in Japan is immensely difficult, as I wrote about at length. It’s my hope that the following lists will help other people with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance to navigate Japan’s difficult culinary landscape. Please note that … Continue reading

Japan’s New Nintendo 3DS

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The “New Nintendo 3DS” was released in Japan on October 11, 2014. Three new buttons have been added: a direction stick on the right side and two new triggers. Additionally, the 3D has been improved with a wider viewing angle, … Continue reading

JR East Pokemon Stamp Rally 2014

30 Pokemon Stamps and Goal Postcard
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Japan can be awesomely eccentric in its hobbies. One of my favorites is stamp collecting — by which I mean rubber stamp impressions, as opposed to the kind you put on letters. The hobby is believed to have originated in … Continue reading

The Internet Is “Real Life”

Gamer using "voice over IP"
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I’m sick to death of hearing about “real life” as opposed to interactions taking place online. Take this article for instance, about why Japanese culture is so ubiquitous on the Web. A major premise of the article is that “people … Continue reading

Show Your Face

my selfie without makeup
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Female body shaming is a big issue in our culture. Volumes have been written about the impossible standards women feel we should live up to. Recently, Scout Willis and Lina Esco inspired women in New York City to go topless … Continue reading

お茶ノ水 休み Ochanomizu Holiday

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今日は、友だちと お茶ノ水で 合った。CLC Booksに 行った、そして 日本語と 英語で バイブルを 買った。また、「Tokyo Holy Resurrection Cathederal」で「The Orthodox Church of Japan」で ロシア正教会(せいきょうかい)を 見た。きれい あった。三百円 費用(ひよう) あった、でも 安かった。また、一緒に パン屋で おいしい菓子(かし)を 食べた。クリスチャンの 友だちで 過ごす よかった。今日は 素晴(すば)らしい! Today, I met my friends in Ochanomizu. We went to CLC … Continue reading

Tokyo Game Show 2013

Tokyo Game Show panorama
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The Tokyo Game Show is an annual gaming convention held every September. Video game publishers show off their upcoming products and newest releases, console manufacturers trot out their new hardware (flanked by beautiful, scantily clad women, of course), and cosplayers … Continue reading